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Antiqued bronze plated hair net with Austrian crystals and Van Gogh stained glass on antiqued gold bobby pins
Add a touch of regality to your look and let these accessories become the crowning jewels of your ensemble. Whether you're strolling through a medieval fair, dancing at a renaissance festival, or simply seeking to elevate your everyday style, our Antiqued Silver Plated Hair Net with Austrian Crystals, Turquoise, and Van Gogh Stained Glass Bobby Pins will undoubtedly captivate attention and evoke admiration. Experience the magic of these extraordinary accessories, where artistry meets functionality, and elevate your personal style to new heights. It's time to embrace the enchantment and make a statement that is uniquely you. Van Gogh stained glass in an opaque, specialty stained glass known for its rich, intense colors and amazing textured patterns, making it truly deserving of the artist it shares its name with. The stained glass begins as a clear piece of glass before the application of a layer of thick, specialized glue to the surface. As this glue dries, it pulls up the surface layer of the glass, physically etching the glass and producing a beautiful, frosty, feathery pattern. When we create our handcrafted hair accessories, we cut and grind the glass to create a finished piece using our own specialized process. Because these patterns greatly vary from piece to piece, your Van Gogh accessory is unique. This is important to keep in mind, the finished product you receive will be as pictured, but the patterns inside the glass may be different than what you see on our website. To stay up to date on new products, sales and coupons, follow us on Facebook and Instagram Materials: Van Gogh Stained glass, plated brass, plated steel, Austrian crystals.